The Project

TOGIVE project aims to close this gap by creating a digital platform where companies, public bodies, universities, foundations or any kind of organisation would be able to follow Open Government quality training and teach European and Latin American public servants from HEIs, local governments, national governments, regional bodies, etc., to improve their skills.

The idea behind this proposal, thus, is the establishment of an Open Government Digital Education Platform (OGDEP) where “public officials” international students may obtain prestigious, quality qualifications.

In Latin America globalisation is seen as a highly significant phenomenon that is exerting influence on the direction that education and society are taking. In response, higher education institutions, national governments and regional and international organisations are giving greater priority to the international dimension of higher education. By doing so they are helping this sector address some of the challenges created by globalisation.

Politicians and policy makers who wish to improve their skills have very few training programmes available to them with a curriculum suited to their positions and roles.

MOOCs can be the perfect solution to deliver high level courses, since its applicability is not just defined to degree students, and his sustainability formula has not been yet discovered.

The main benefit expected from the transnational nature of the project is the set-up of an Open Government Digital Education Platform in a strong collaboration between LAC and EUROPE. This will lead to the standardization of best practices throughout Europe, reaching a number of common practices and knowledge to have, in all universities, the same starting point.

This MOOC training generated will be targeted at civil servants (in HEIs and all kind of public bodies), so it is also important the European value, since until now this type of training, both MOOCs and higher education in general, has not been exploited in a common way, being young students the main actors almost always.

Moreover, this kind of training and education could even be considered a title itself (postgraduate or university expert) within the EU.

Also, since LAC universities and public bodies are taken into account, these best practices will be enriched and better disseminated and standardized, facilitating intercontinental work.