TOGiVE Project partners presented the OGDEP Platform and the Specilization Course in Open Government in a special pannel at the Argentine Association of Public Administration Studies, in Rosario, Argentina

The Congress, hosted by the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations, National University of Rosario, Argentina, took place between the 11th and the 13th of September and gathered academics, students and public professionals from Argentina and other Latin American Countries. The Congress has the objective of generating a favorable space for the exchange of results of studies and reflections on experiences originating in academic research and in the practice of public management, in the powers of the state of all levels of government. The State and Public Administration are undergoing profound and continuous changes in our time. Analyzing their characteristics, appreciating their tendencies and proposing alternatives constitute challenges that occupy an important place in the agenda of those who have responsibilities and assume commitments in shaping policies for inclusion and equity in our democracy.

The special pannel about the project was held the 13th of September, and counted with the expositions of HEIs project partners, responsible for MOOC management and platform creation.

  • from the University of La Laguna participated: Angela Sierra, María Lourdes González y Andrés Novoa, as MOOC coordinators and Yeray Ramos as coordinator of the panel and presenter of the OGDEP platform  
  • from the National University of Rosario participated Rita Grandinetti and Marcelo de la Torre, MOOC coordinators
  • from the Metropolitan University for Education and Work (UMET) participanted Camila Chirino, MOOC Coordinator
  • from the University of Business and Pedagogical Development (UNIVDEP) participated Mauricio Covarrubias, MOOC Coordinator
  • from the International Telematic University (UNINETTUNO) participated Federico Carli, as MOOC Coordinator
  • from the Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEMEX) participated Rodrigo Sandoval as MOOC Coordinator  

During the session TOGiVE project results were presented as a proposal to respond to the needs of training in open government in Ibero-America by offering quality training, accessible and based on the collaboration and cooperation of the actors of the Ibero-American public ecosystem. More specifically, the OGDEP platform created within the project as well as the MOOCs created by project HEIs and jointly presented as a specialization course in Open Government.  Finally, network collaboration was presented as a new form of collaborative learning in the public sphere and an announcement was made for the inclusion of new institutions for the Cooperation Program.