Available for download the book of good practices in digital education

After the collaborative development of the specialization course in Open Government, TOGiVE project partners have compiled their experience in a book of good practices for the preparation and developement of MOOC courses. 

Entitled Best Practices In European Union And Latin American Collaborative Mooc Education, the book collects the result of the collective effort led by the University of La Laguna, Spain, creating a consortium of European and Latin American universities and private entieties to promote the notion of open government including all concepts around them: ethics of the public officials, transparency, open data, open access, citizen participation and collaboration, etc. through digital education.

This digital book is organized in three large sections. The first section aims to present the project TOGIVE (Transatlantic Open Government Virtual Education) and the way in which all activities from financial actions to academic activities were developed. Challenges and findings are addressed from the vision of those responsible for each activity. The second section describes the technical part of the creation process of the MOOC, having the purpose that this effort can be replicated by other universities or public organizations. While the third section describes the eight MOOC that were developed throughout the project.

The English and Spanish versions of the book are avaible for download by clicking in the following buttons.