University of La Laguna organises an Webinar on Open Goverment the next 9th of May at 16:00 GMT + 1. Follow the debate in twitter with #TOGIVEgobabierto.


Within the Week of Open Administration organized by the Spanish Government, the University of La Laguna will organize a webinar on the Open Government presenting the TOGiVE project, its platform and the different courses it includes. The webinar is aimed specifically at public sector workers interested in the processes of development of open government, but also to the general public.

The event will be organizate the next May 9, 2018 at 16:00 GMT + 1 and will available at: . Debate will be organised in twitter with the hashtag #TOGIVEgobabierto.

TOGiVE Project delves into the democratic culture to face the political challenges of the 21st century from the education of a citizenship based on inter-responsibility and the defense of open government perspective.

Responding to these challenges, the team of experts in open government of TOGiVE project has deliberated over the last two years on what should be the lines of transformation of public administrations for the recovery of citizens’ confidence in public institutions.

Public service demands more training in ethical principles, greater knowledge of the digital instruments of participation, deepening the debate around the counterbalancing mechanisms of democratic systems against corruption, strategies for the analysis of «big data» and a greater recognition and interconnection between cases of good practices of public administrations.

To this end, TOGIVE team of experts, together with the technical staff of the universities that make up the project consortium, have developed a pedagogical strategy to integrate the academic contents within the audiovisual languages ​​and the didactics of virtual education.

In this way, seven MOOCs have been designed that address the different issues demanded by the civil service of public administrations and that can be carried out sequentially or specifically. The evaluation process of these MOOCs began in April 2018 with 1400 registered and will end in the month of September of the same year.

The TOGIVE team will study the development of the seven MOOCs to generate a report that allows reflecting on the educational needs required by the civil service of public administrations in the open government area.