TOGiVE Project will be present one more year in the NovaGob Congress 2017 in a session on technologies for collaborative learning.

Between 18th and 20th of October, the Ibero-American Congress of Public Innovation, the reference event for Ibero-American public innovators, bringing together more than 500 people, between speakers and participants, coming from Spain and Latin America, will be held in the University of La Laguna.

The same hosts in the afternoon of the 19th (18:20) of October a roundtable on the latest trends in technologies for collaborative learning. During the session, Belén San Nicolás, representing the TOGiVE Project team, together with public representatives from the Public Administration Institutes of the Canaries and Quintana Roo (Mexico), will discuss, under the coordination of the Head of the Training Service of the Region of Alicante, on the latest developments in the field in the last, as well as on future trends in the field of digital training, focused on the public sphere.

The TOGiVE project will also be presented as a tool that, through technology, aims to provide practical and relevant training adapted to all levels, integrating the perspectives of public and private institutions, and directed and addressing directly the needs of the public-sector employee.

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