TOGiVE Project is looking for Good Practices in the field of Open Government to be included in the future project MOOC. 

In TOGiVE project, we are immersed in the process of creating the MOOC course on Open Government in which we would like to include examples of good practices in Open Government in Latin America and Europe. It is why we would like to count on your contribution and collaboration to identify and showcase success stories in the implementation of Open Government experiences in the MOOC course, as well as bringing together and making visible many innovative experiences of Latin American and European public administration.

Based on the results of the Open Government digital courses questionnaire developed at the beginning of this year, as well as the internal reflection of the project partners, the structure of the MOOC will be based on the following themes:

  • Transparency, data openness and public information management
  • Participation and civic collaboration
  • Public innovation
  • Public ethics and open government – ethical codes from theory to practice.

How to participate?

You may participate by sending a good practice identified (from your own institution or another known) in the Latin American region and Europe in one of the topics identified above.

Examples of good practice can be sent in the following format:

  • An explanatory video (maximum 3 minutes) accompanied by a short description (300 words maximum – including links with information, images/ infographics).

The material should answer the following questions:

  • What has the initiative been implemented for?
  • Who has implemented the initiative?
  • Where has the initiative been implemented?
  • When has the initiative been implemented?
  • How has it been implemented?
  • What impact has it had?

The documentation will be sent to using the tool . Deadlines for the submission of proposals are set out below.

The good practices selected by the project team will be uploaded to the Youtube channel of TOGIVE project and included in a Wiki about Best Practices of Open Government in NovaGob Social Network, as well as examples in the different modules of the MOOC on Open Government created in the project.

For those interested in participating, you can use as an example for for indications on video characteristics the following TOGIVE Project video

How to identify a good practice for this particular case?

We consider an experience is a good practice in the area of ​​Open Government if:

  • it has meant a positive transformation of processes in the public administration where it has been implemented, resulting in greater efficiency and better results and/or an increase in employee motivation.
  • it has meant an improvement of democratic processes as a result of more transparency and citizen participation in the decision-making process that generate greater integrity and more citizen satisfaction.

The good practices submitted will be evaluated by the members of the consortium. Those positively evaluated  will subsequently be included in the MOOC course created under the TOGiVE Project. The evaluation will consist of assessing if the good practices conform to the terms of the call. It will also include the analysis of the information provided (links, publications, etc.).

Deadlines for the participatory process:

  • From 21st of September to 12th of October 2017 – presentation of proposals for good practices
  • From 13th of October to 20th of October 2017 – evaluation of proposals for good practices
  • 25th of October – announcement of the proposals included in the MOOC course.

Intellectual property:

Publications will be made under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (“CC BY-SA 4.0”).