Between 25th of June and 7th of July TOGiVE Project partners meet in Buenos Aires for the MOOC production training sessions. 

This represents the second phase of the training in MOOC production organised within the project. The first phase was celebrated online.

The training content is elaborated by the University of La Laguna, project leader, in collaboration with Bucks University (UK) and UNINETTUNO (Italy) and it is aimed to provide staff of LATAM universities participating in the project with the know-how on MOOC production by:

  • Facilitating the process of using audiovisual materials and creative infrastructures.
  • Tracking the production of didactic content for the Open Government MOOC.
  • Assessing the planning of activities, evaluation and monitoring of the online course.
  • Defining and evaluating the different campaigns of virtual dissemination of the course: network communication.

Training sessions include different workshops:

  • Audiovisual workshop: infrastructures and optimization of the use of audio-visual resources
  • Workshop on content elaboration: revision of formats, tempos, rhythms, visual resources, didactic structure, narrative script and technical aspects
  • Workshop on network communication: formats, generate community and disseminate
  • Workshop on the MOOC TOGIVE platform: creation of the MOOC, structure and gamification of the content modules