9 months after the project started, TOGiVE project partners continue their work to accomplish the project’s aim to create a digital education platform to provide quality training for professionals of the public ecosystem.  

TOGiVE project is developed by a consortium composed of 12 partners (Universities and companies from Spain, Italy, UK, Mexico and Argentina) and an associated partners, the Latin American Center of Administration for Development (CLAD in Spanish Acronyms).

What have we done so far in the project?

  • Set up the project environment by elaborating common and comparative reports on digital education and open government in project countries, with a special focus on the situation in LATAM project countries and partners.
  • Assessed digital needs of LATAM HEI participating in the project through the Digital Education Committee that met in Mexico and Argentina in December
  • Started the acquisition of audio-visual equipment in LATAM project HEIs according to the needs assessment.
  • Delivered the first phase of the training for the professionals of LATAM project HEIS in MOOC creation.
  • Organised TOGiVE Project infodays in all project universities reaching students, public institutions and social organizations in all project countries

Ongoing activities:

  • We are now jointly working on the MOOC on Open Government, based on the decisions made by the Open Government Committee, as well as on the Open Government Virtual Education Platform
  • Training of professionals of LATAM project HEIS  second phase – presential training in Buenos Aires.
  • Developing the second project infodays  in all project universities. You can follow all our activities with the hashtags #infotogive #info2give.

Training sessions are being organised between 25th of June and 7 of July in Buenos Aires, Argentina at UMET, aims to provide staff of LATAM Universities participating in the project with the know-how on MOOC production.

Whereas, during the months of June and July, HEIs partners in the project are developing project Info Days in their institutions in order to make students and stakeholders aware about the project, its activities and benefits, engaging them in discussions on Open Government and digital education.

For more information on the project: