The National University of Rosario, partner of TOGiVE project, celebrated the 10th of March the Project Infoday, debating on the expetations and the reality of Open Government in Argentina, with students and relevant actors in the field at local and regional level. 

The participants were Diego Grismondi (Undersecretary of Public Innovation of the Province of Santa Fe, Santa Lab), Pablo Javkin (Secretary General of the Municipality of Rosario, Open data portal), Juan Monteverde Sandra Valdettaro (Center for Research in Mediation (CIM), DataLab UNR).
After the official presentation of the project by members of the team (Rita Grandinetti, Patricia Nari and Marcelo de la Torre) belonging to the Faculty of Political Science and RRII, the Dean, Franco Bartolacci, introduced the activity and gave way to the guests.
Each of them, briefly developed their experience and their relationship with the Open Government, and then started an activity that allowed the dialogue between the attendees and the guests. The same was carried out from four triggering questions that were randomly assigned among the participants, which were:

  • Open government: who wins and who loses?
  • Open Government: What impact does it have on people’s lives?
  • What are the limits on the implementation of open government?
  • Is open government equal to technological developments?

This moment had a great participation of all the attendees and a good dialogue with the guests could be maintained.

In conclusion, we can point out that there was a very good participation of different sectors (governmental actors, NGOs, students, among others) who, like the guests, were interested in continuing to participate in these alternatives. The event was covered and promoted by the media of the academic institution.

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