The meeting, hosted by UNIVDEP in Mexico City, took place between 22 and 24 of March, has gathered experts in Open Government of project partners to establish content and create methodology of the project’s Open Government MOOC.

The Open Government Experts Committee formulated recommendations on Course Design strategies and guidelines for action based on agreements among its members.

The Experts work was based on previous work of project team in collecting opinions and recommendations of interested parties through a questionnaire applied to public employees and other institutional, private and social actors, along with the work of the teams of each partner university in the development of the MOOC modules.

Among others, Open Government Experts recommendations on the format of the MOOC were related to the following aspects:

  • usability and accessibility, openness of materials and production;
  • opening of debate and exchange spaces among students and professors;
  • use of a diversity of resources (both bibliographic and audiovisual) interdependent, creating module guides;
  • practical course with emphasis on good practice examples in Latin America;
  • 3 tier evaluations using questionnaires, P2P evaluation and final project;
  • creation of a style guide common for all modules;
  • organization of Modules and overlays;
  • adjustments of audiovisual resources and modules structure.

Discussion was also started  to what certification of the MOOC is concerned, and project partner Universities are exploring differen
t options for the certification of this MOOC course and also for future courses.

Open Government Committee experts will continue working collaboratively in developing MOOC syllabus on the basis of these agreements.