The online training will take place between 14th and 27th of February and is intented for academic, mentors  and audiovisual technical staff of LAC Universities participating in the project. The course will provide participants key aspects about the creation of MOOC courses, audiovisual materials, guidelines on communication management and the use of the Edx platform.


The online training aims to:

  • Give basic guidelines for the design of a MOOC course
  • Use audiovisual tools of educational communication for the creation of the audiovisual contents of the MOOC.
  • Provide information on basic aspects of operation of the platform for the management of the MOOC as a teacher.

Participants in this introductory course will have access to video materials that will address the basic issues of creating a MOOC. There will be a series of activities associated with each module that they will have to complete in order to pass the course.

In addition they will have the forum of the platform, that will allow to maintain communication with the rest of participants and professors of the course. The proposal tries to follow the structure of a MOOC, being an opportunity of practical experience with this format from the perspective of students. Communications will be sent and videoconference sessions will be held to follow up the course.